Keeps you safe online, wherever you are

VPNapp provides you secure and unblocked access to the internet anywhere. At home, at work and on the move. On your notebook, smartphone and tablet.


From 2,99 per month!

Online privacy

VPNapp encrypts data you send and receive online, so nobody can intercept your sensitive information.

Complete protection

VPNapp bundles VPN security, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phising, a firewall and an ad-blocker in 1 app, so you are constantly protected against dangers and attacks on the internet.

Internet without boundaries

Our network with VPN servers in 50+ countries provides unblocked and unlimited access to websites and services worldwide.

Install, connect and you are secured

Met onze eenvoudige apps voor Windows, MacOS, iOS en Android, kun je in een handomdraai al je computers, smartphones en tablets voorzien van VPN beveiliging. Een VPNapp account kun je op tot wel 5 devices tegelijkertijd gebruiken.

700+ VPN servers in more than 50 countries

There are countries that censor the internet, providers might block certain services, and some sites are not available worldwide. VPNapp passes through the filters and masks your location to provide unblocked and unlimited access to all the websites and services.

Complete protection against online threats

VPNapp bundles anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phising, a firewall and an ad-blocker in 1 app - without the need to install and buy additional software. We keep the security up-to-date continuously, so you are constantly protected against even the latest dangers and attacks on the internet.


Anti-virus & Anti-malware 



VPNapp scans traffic on known viruses and malware, and blocks them before they can even reach your device. Websites with malicious content do not stand a chance. 

The most malware, ransomware and trojans are spread via links in fake email. VPNapp prevents that you can open such links.  


Ad Blocking


No more annoying pop-ups and banners! VPNapp filters away most ads, without the need to install another plugin or app.

Our firewall is an additional security layer that protects you against unwanted and malicious traffic, like hackers and botners.

Watch how easy our app is

Watch our video and experience what our app can do in just a few seconds.

“I am often on the road and use WiFi hotspots to do some work. I use VPN to keep my data private. VPNapp is easy to use and it is a plus that the company is European.”

Jorik Jansma

We have developed VPNapp together with a group of users. Read their reviews.

What our users say

"I am from Norway, but live in the Netherlands. Not only my internet connection is safe using VPNapp, but I can also watch Norwegian news, sport programs and TV series."

Line Eriksen

30 days


180 days


Traveling or long long time gone? Save 

17% and choose 180 days instead of 30 days. 

Enjoy the security of VPN app without 

interruption for 30 days.

365 days


One whole year VPN app. Save 25%

compared to the 30 day package.


Now: First monthly payment only 2,99!
After the first month you will pay the regular price.





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